Experience the foothills and astonishing views.


At Thanksgiving Ranch, there are 3,000 acres of land to roam. Discover trails for hiking, horseback riding and cycling, or snow-covered hills for tobogganing, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing. Feast your eyes on the landscape or gaze upon a night sky full of more stars than you could ever imagine. Spot wildlife like elk, moose, bears or cougars, watch for birds like wild turkeys or bald eagles, or fly fish for trout in Pincher Creek which flows right through the ranch property. 


Horseback Riding

We offer several guided horseback tours for groups of 2-4 through the property. Enjoy a scenic tour across the ranchland in the afternoon with a short 1-2 hour ride, or head-out on a 4-5 hour mountain trail adventure. Rates range from $110-275/person.


Dark Skies

The Lodge at Thanksgiving Ranch is a perfect place to stargaze thanks to our distance from major sources of light pollution. Spot constellations, marvel at the majesty of the endless river of the Milky Way or watch shadows dance across the face of the moon.

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