Where is the Lodge at Thanksgiving Ranch located?

Thanksgiving Ranch is located approximately 40 km from the town of Pincher Creek, Alberta, west of Alberta’s Cowboy Trail. A 30-minute drive should get you here. We are off the beaten path in the southwest corner of our province. The Ranch is at an elevation of 5,200 feet (1,600 m). Our GPS coordinates are: Lat 49.329893° N and Long -114.028210° W

What is the Environment and Landscape of Thanksgiving Ranch?

Thanksgiving Ranch is located just away from the front range of the Rocky Mountains, mainly comprised of foothills, mountain-fed dynamic creeks, meadows, pasture, and forest. The often snow capped or covered mountains give way to the foothills and provide a majestic background. The ranch is a short distance from Castle Wildlands Provincial Park. A thirty-minute drive will take you to UNESCO Heritage Park Waterton Lakes National Park which borders Montana. The ranch itself is 3,600 acres  and also includes two miles of frontage along Pincher Creek. A serene place for a stroll, fishing, or a place to reflect among the aspen, pine and cottonwood trees. 

How Do I Get to the Ranch?

The largest international airport, with a multitude of flights is Calgary International (YYC). The drive from the airport is approximately 2-1/2 hours. If that is overwhelming, arrangements can be made  through Thanksgiving Ranch for an approximate 30-minute helicopter flight. 

If you are traveling by private aircraft, you have the option of traveling in and out of the Pincher Creek Municipal Airport (CZPC).

Guest vehicles should expect to stay only on the maintained private driveway at Thanksgiving Ranch.

What is the Average Length of Stay at the Lodge at Ranch Thanksgiving?

We encourage guests to stay for a minimum of two nights. There are a number of off ranch excursions, activities and attractions that could easily extend your stay. 

What Weather Should I Expect at the Ranch?

In a word – anything! 

Situated at an elevation of 5,200 feet, Thanksgiving Ranch has a variable mountain climate which can change quickly. The most important climate factor is the wind. The Ranch is near the windiest and warmest places in Alberta and temperatures can rise or fall dramatically in short periods of time. Summers can be hot and dry (up to 35˚C) or be interrupted by brief cool periods. Winters can be mild with frequent warm spells caused by chinooks (around 5˚C) or extremely snowy where temperatures can temporarily drop to -40˚C. 

The climate is influenced by two opposing systems – the Arctic Continental (cold, dry) and the prevailing Pacific Maritime (warm, moist). The influential Pacific system provides the high precipitation and chinook winds.

What Should I Pack and What is the Dress Code?

Guests will likely be comfortable in normal clothing that would be suitable for outdoor activities. If riding a horse is on your list, then jeans with a healed shoe is recommended. We would recommend dressing in layers. Hiking boots, shorts or loose-fitting pants, and short and long-sleeved shirts are best for summer hiking, mountain biking, and fishing.  Attire should be relaxed and comfortable, even at dinner jacket required there is no jacket required. For winter, you should pack mid-weight to heavy jackets, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts (fleece, wool and flannel), jeans, weather resistant pants, long johns, warm socks, snow pants, winter snow boots, hats, gloves, and scarves. 

Will I Have Wi-Fi and Cellular Phone Service?

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available in all accommodations and public guest areas.

Landline phones are available in the Lodge for use during your stay.  All local, domestic and international calls are included in your all-inclusive rate.  

Due to the remote mountain location, cellular service is available in random spots on the Ranch, however service is limited and variable.

What Time Zone is Thanksgiving Ranch Located?

Alberta is located in the Mountain Time Zone or GMT-7.  Noon at the Ranch would be 2:PM in New York, or 7:PM in Europe or 11:AM in Vancouver.

How Big is Thanksgiving Ranch?

Our maximum occupancy is 16 guests in all our suites. 

The Ranch itself comprises 3,000 total acres.

How do I Get Around on Property?

Each guest is encouraged to walk as much as possible. The Ranch has a system of trails and paths to explore the landscape and to keep traffic to a minimum and allow for a serene and safe environment. These trails are not open to guests in vehicles.  Moutnian bikes or fat wheeled bikes are also allowed, however, some areas may be closed off. 

Does Thanksgiving Ranch Allow Pets?

Thanksgiving Ranch is a working ranch, so we are unable to allow outside pets or animals. Our pet ambassadors may visit you from time to time, we can work to ensure they stay away if possible, however they are very friendly and looking for hugs. 

Does Thanksgiving Ranch Welcome Children and Families?

Thanksgiving Ranch has no age restriction and welcomes guests of all ages, including children. The Ranch is a beautiful place that will amaze the whole family.

What Wildlife Might Guests Expect to See?

The Ranch is home to a wide array of wildlife – they are wild animals so they are not on a schedule, but it is reasonably common to see are elk, deer, black bear, grizzly bear, moose, fox, coyote, bald eagles, golden eagles and an array of other birds and other animals that are rare and difficult to spot like cougars and wolves. 

What are the Trail Rides Like at Thanksgiving Ranch?

We have a horse for every skill level, whether it’s your first time on horseback or you are an experienced rider. The experience is built in the spirit of enjoyment where travelers experience horseback riding through incredible locations or quietly wandering through our cattle. 

Our 90-minute trail rides will give you a taste of ranch life. 

What is the Drinking Age in Alberta?

The drinking age is 18 and older for all guests. IDs will be required at the discretion of the service staff.